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Online Games

Once upon a time during the early nineties, personal computer owners and users used to purchase software and proudly install and use them. These included productivity programs as well as leisure games. Computer games have always been a coveted niche for all types of users from young to old, from kids to professionals alike.

Playing your†Favorite†games online
What has changed dramatically with wider reach of the internet over the past decades is software becoming available as a service. This includes games. Games can now be played online using your browser with players across the globe. Not only does it make the gaming more exciting but also more engaging. Games are available in all genres from arcade to racing to first person shooter to role playing catering to both the genders and often free!

The biggest advantage is that you do not need to install these games on your computer at all. All you need is a modern browser equipped with proper plug-ins like Flash, Java, .NET or even simple HTML5 and WebGL. No more complex installation hassles, no more hogging of serious disk space and no more special equipment. Just a normal computer with a fast connection to internet is all you need. Most games are available in free as well as paid versions.

Types of online games
There are a lot of games available for all types of genres. Since the web is an open space hence the game publishers compete with one another to offer the best gaming experience to you. Donít like a particular publisher's game of a specific genre, try out a couple of others. Brag about your highest scores online on social networks. Challenge your colleagues and friends to a match and beat them on it.

You can also challenge your kid or teenager to her favourite game and let them win. While being addictive, the online games also help your kid or teenager increase focus and concentration and not become addicted to the TV. Besides, playing games with your kid or teenager creates a good bonding between you and her as well.

As more of us start using smart phones and tablet computers and move away from traditional form of desktop and laptop computers, online games bring the experience to these smaller form factor computers as well. So even if youíre travelling, you can still play most of these games online on your smart phone or tablet as well.

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